Growing Your Subscriber Base
Gradually expand your audience and build customer loyalty.

Discount Marketing

Start communication off right.
A nice bonus reduces bounce rate and helps you keep users during the first minutes of communication. Attract attention with a first order discount or a small present after the first order and motivate the user to recommend your business to their friends.

Useful Email Content

Trade favors for contacts.
Whether it’s a guide, checklist, recommendation or articles, providing a useful document in exchange for contacts motivates customers to share their email addresses more often and builds trust between you and your audience.

Widget Games

Lure customers with exciting games.
Integrating games into your forms with email address fields is unique and relatively new. You’re likely to yield twice or even three times as many addresses by inviting customers to try their luck and leave feedback afterwards.

Callback Service

Offer to continue the conversation.
If the client is almost ready to buy, but it’s outside of working hours or the customer doesn’t want to call, offer our classic callback widget.  This way, the client receives expert assistance while you get his or her contact details.

Saved Carts

Let your clients save the items in their cart by email.
Let your customers retain the contents of their shopping carts 24/7—ideal for customers who don’t have time to look through your website and select items again.

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