Agile Segmentation
Use flexible segmentation based on more than 270 ready-made characteristics
and set your own unique parameters to solve business problems.

Deeper Insights

Easily determine basic characteristics such as location, gender and age. Log data about stickiness, traffic sources and purchase history. Add additional parameters tailormade to your business. Learn more about your customers and receive deeper insights from customer data.

Behavioral Segmentation

Segment customers by behavioral characteristics, purchase history and loyalty level. Work smarter with ready-made comparisons and analyses of customer segments. Reveal the best tools for each customer group. Surprise yourself with more effective, data-driven communication!

Accuracy and Flexibility

Use Convead’s flexible settings to predict and manage sales. Get more orders during low season and drive more traffic from less popular points of sale. Increase turnover from high-margin products. Encourage your audience to leave feedback and build customer loyalty.

Discover the possibilities of agile segmentation and precision targeting.