Personalized Product Recommendations
Use AI to generate individualized recommendations, making products personally relevant to your clients.

Grounded in Data

Use stored customer data to make precise, automatic recommendations. Appropriately adapt offers on your website and in other communication channels in real time.

Have It Your Way

Analyze user behavior, preferences and purchase history. Tailor content to your customers’ needs—in real time. Lead users straight to the products and offers they crave. For example, try dragging the product recommendation block to the widget to see how Convead’s personalized product recommendations can magically increase your average conversion rate and order value.

Just in the Nick of Time

Stay in touch with your customers, even after they have completed their purchases and left your site. Share timely and relevant product recommendations. Add products to your mailing lists with the click of your mouse and Convead will automatically prepare an individualized list of relevant products for each recipient. Learn to predict your clients’ needs and exceed their expectations every time with Convead.

Make complex and chaotic processes simple and manageable.
Configure everything once and put your recommendations on autopilot with Convead.