Increasing Loyalty and Repeated Sales
Turn customers into loyal buyers who come back again and again and recommend you to their friends.

Additional Sales Scenarios

Sell more, more often.
The first purchase is just the beginning of a long relationship between you and the client. Develop relationships with reminders. Offer customers something interesting, such as a personalized discount in exchange for a review or a coupon for free delivery on their next order. Stay on their radar and build strong, lasting relationships.

Reactivation Scenarios

It’s worth sending out reminders to clients who haven’t made purchases or visited the site for a while. Tell them about your new products, refresh their memory and offer a discount on their next purchase. Do everything you can not to lose them.

One-time Marketing Messages

Reintroduce yourself to old friends and acquaintances.
One-time mailings are suitable for keeping in touch with your customers. Thank customers for choosing you. Make personalized offers. Congratulate them and send them holiday greetings.


Motivate clients to talk about you.
Genuine reviews are crucial both for you as well as for potential buyers. Ask customers to be honest about the items they bought. Simple feedback mechanisms will encourage them to share their impressions.

Personalized Recommendations

Show that you care.
Use aggregated data to make tantalizing offers. Remind customers about products that are trending among other users, taking into account the target demographic (e.g. gender, age, preferences, etc.). Individualized approaches foster brand loyalty and encourage customers to return to you for their needs.

Research and Reviews

Take an interest in your customers’ opinions.
There’s no better way to learn the truth than by asking direct questions. Show customers that you are interested in their opinions. Give them the opportunity to make suggestions and recommendations through research and surveys. Create win-win incentives by improving the quality of your work and demonstrating your interest to customers. 

Loyalty Programs

Make use of the power of bonuses and discounts.
Reserve the best for your regular customers. Design your own loyalty program and allow Convead to run it for you. Incentivize regular customers with cumulative discounts, progressive cashback promotions and special prices for regular customers. Take care of your audience and it will take care of you.

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