Increasing Website Conversions
Turn visitors into customers and customers into loyal buyers. Track the behavior of visitors to your site, personalize recommendations and pull visitors into a marketing funnel, all while encouraging them to make the desired actions.

Trends and Social Proof

Facilitate purchasing decisions.
People react quickly to trends and are more willing to buy bestsellers. Make use of labels such as “hit,” “popular” and “5 people purchased this today.” Prepare a selection of bestsellers. Don’t forget about the importance of personalization—make sure users know that certain items are in high demand in their area or, for example, among the owners of the same car brand.

Countdown Timer

Speed up decision making by creating a little excitement.
Perhaps your customers need an extra push, or incentive, to buy faster. Adding countdown clocks creates the illusion of excitement and gives customers the added impression that they run the risk of missing out on the opportunity to make a purchase. Use this technique to manage demand for a specific product or product category.

Promo Codes, Coupons and Discounts

Make targeted shots.
Offer well-timed discounts and promo codes. Motivate customers who are usually indifferent to color-coded price tags and marketing campaigns. Reduce the number of abandoned baskets and prevent would-be customers from navigating away from your page by sending personalized offers.

Live Chat

Support customers who have a hard time making decisions.
Sometimes users cannot find the right product right away or simply just need a little more information. Offline stores have a sales associate to help, and websites have live chat. Use it to improve both conversions and the quality of customer service.

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