Customer Data Platform
Gather, collect and combine data about each client from a variety of online and offline sources.


Discover the capabilities of our Customer Data Platform (CDP) — an integrated platform for storing data about customer activity. View details about the products customers viewed after opening your messages as well as information from live chats with sales associates—all in one window. Simplify things by storing information about different departments of your company in one place, where it can used and accessed at your convenience.

360º customer view

Create an integrated 360º Customer View profile. Consolidate data from various points of contact, including CRM, loyalty programs, advertising platforms and even offline information. Add a limitless number of criteria for analysis, including gender, age, clothing size and style, marital status, number of children, and more!


Track visitors to your site and their actions in real time. Study your audience and their behavior and preferences, all the way down to their clicks on your emails and pages. Analyze browsing history and observe specific targeted actions. Segment users by behavior and communicate with each segment individually.

Offline Data

Automatically receive offline CRM data and use it to build your customers’ online profiles. Learn about their favorite restaurants, stores and outlets within your network and consolidate their data in the Convead database. Use the full picture of offline customer actions to improve the quality of your service and boost sales. Make personalized offers in your customers’ favorite offline locations.

End-to-end Analytics

Don’t settle for simple data about user behavior on your site—receive the full picture, with a focus on business performance, from Convead. Follow the user all the way from the message on an advertising channel through to order processing and delivery. Analyze useful, easy-to-read, and comprehensive tables and graphs online. Impress your colleagues and supervisors with beautiful reports that can be sent straight to your inbox or downloaded from the Convead website.

Interact with your customers more effectively by learning about their habits.