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The latest and greatest updates to Convead: push notifications and more

06 December 2017 Updates
HomeBlogThe latest and greatest updates to Convead: push notifications and more

Have we got news for you! With the latest update, Convead includes a new section with a completely new functionality. Now you can reach for your visitors faster and easier by using push notifications.

Let’s start with a brief explanation.

A push notification is a small window that pops up on the visitor’s screen (on both desktop and smartphone), even if they are NOT browsing your website at the moment. With push notifications, you can inform customers about sales, promotions, and special offers... In fact, you can deliver all of the same news and announcements that you usually put in marketing emails. The beauty of using pushes is that you do not need to know email addresses of your visitors. It's enough to just ask for their permission.

Push notifications are supported in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Creating push notifications and sending them to visitors is very simple. Go to the "Web Push" section in Convead and click on the blue button:

creation of push notifications in Convead

Now you are in the Push Editor – fill out the fields and upload an image. Before sending your notification to the chosen group of recipients, you can preview it to check out how it looks in different browsers. Please note that on Mac OS long messages will be cropped.

Push notifications are sent immediately to all of the chosen visitors/customers. If some of the recipients are not online at the time of sending, they can still receive the notification during the day, when they go online. After that period, the message will be deleted.


push notification sample

How to subscribe your visitors?

Before sending push notifications, you need to get your subscribers first. Collect them by using a specified web form: there are 3 ready-to-use templates (a popup, a notification, and a topper) already pre-set in Convead:

In the button settings of the web form, you need to specify the click action "Allow web push notifications", as shown above. Upon clicking on that button, visitors can opt-in to receiving push notifications from you. 

Hygiene for email databases

Well, pushes are great, but we shouldn't forget about emails either. Cleaning up and reviving old databases is considered to be the right way to get rid of dead emails (and keep your business reputation intact).

With the latest update, the Convead's segmentation tool supports two new characteristics: "Last opened email" and "Got email on...".  By combining these characteristics, you can identify those subscribers whose email addresses have been captured a long time ago but who persistently refuse to open messages. Then you can either try to reactivate them or just take them out of the database.

cleaning email database

More gamification for your online store

And one more nice update. We've added the third game mechanics for collecting email addresses of visitors – "Lottery Ticket". Do you remember those lottery tickets that have a layer to scratch with a coin (or a fingernail😖) to reveal a hidden prize? Our new popup uses the same mechanics.

To erase the golden layer on a circle and win a prize, a user needs to type in his/her name and email. The working principle of this popup is equal to the "Wheel of Fortune" and the "One-Armed Bandit" gamified popups introduced in Convead earlier.

A winner notification will be sent to those visitors who won the prize. By the way, when setting up the email campaign use the roulette_win parameter to include only winners in the list of recipients.

This will be all for today. Until next updates!

Please try the new functions and let us know if you have any questions, requests, or suggestions. 

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