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Updates in Convead: smart signatures, A/B tests and enhanced scheduling for email campaigns

17 November 2017 Updates
HomeBlogUpdates in Convead: smart signatures, A/B tests and enhanced scheduling for email campaigns

The latest updates in Convead are all focused on email marketing and improving the user experience when creating and setting up email campaigns. For example, now you can create a signature template (or a few different templates) and add it to all your emails in one click. You can also launch A/B tests for email campaigns, send out promotions according to recipient's time zone, segment subscribers by the order amount and more.

Create templates for email signature

Create your signature once and use it for all your email campaigns. You can do this on the Settings page (“Substitutions” section),  and use your pre-set signatures in all campaigns.

To insert a signature, just drag the “Signature” block from the sidebar onto email template and then select the one you need.

You can create as many signatures as you need with photos and all necessary contact information. 

By the way, there is another new block now included in the sidebar – with all types of “substitutions” you used to work with.

Launch A/B testing for email campaigns

Now you can launch A/B tests for both automated and one-time email campaigns. Just press the "Begin A/B test" button at the top of the Campaigns page and create your variants for testing.

For automated email campaigns, A/B test variants can be switched ON and OFF at any time. When creating a one-time campaign, you should launch 20% of emails first and then send your best variant to the rest 80% of recipients.

Send promotions according to recipient's time zone

By requests of our customers, we added an option to send one-time emails according to recipient's time-zone. Now you can schedule your campaign for 9 am and be sure the all of the subscribers, no matter their location, will receive their messages at 9 am of their local time.

When scheduling your one-time campaign just choose "At the specific time" option, then fill out the all of the fields and select “Deliver a campaign according to the recipient’s time zone”.

Set conditions for order/shopping cart amount

If you are not ready to give discounts to everyone, there is now an option to limit your mailing list and include only those customers who, for example, made a purchase of $30 or more. Or you can easily send an offer to people who abandoned their carts and left items for a certain amount of money. 

This option is available for auto-email campaigns and can be activated by selecting one of the two events in the “Recipients” field:  “Made a purchase” or “Abandoned a cart”.  Then you should choose “Revenue” as an additional parameter and set the condition value for it (e.g. “>99, <=500” that sets the value between $100 and $500).

View calendar reports for auto-emails and web forms

And last but not least, we have included a calendar into your analytic reports for triggered email campaigns and web forms. Now you can see the results of your campaign within any period of time (the last week, month and so).

Thank you for your feedback and all of the questions you sent to our technical support! With your help and contribution, we can improve Convead and make our service more convenient for our customers. Looking forward to more!

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