Marketing AI: what is so good about it?
06 August 2017

Spoiler: it’s not just a fancy pot.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is getting hold of a rising number of business tasks. It is possible that 10 to 20 years from now companies will have to sharply reduce their staff — robots will be able to perform the job of the staff employees and even the middle management. Notably, they will do it cheaper, more efficiently, with no sick leaves or vacations.

Actually, some of it is already possible. Let me introduce you to an artificial marketing intelligence that will take care of your digital marketing.

What is an artificial marketing intelligence?

First of all, let’s dig into history.

Initially, there were marketing instruments: emails, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SMM, content marketing…One person was supposed to know all this stuff and be able to efficiently work with all the channels. In reality, that just didn’t work.

This led to two possible scenarios. First: one marketing specialist, working will all channels and inefficiently managing each of them. Second: separate specialists for different marketing channels, each one with deep expertise and experience within the chosen channel. Both approaches are costly for the company: in the first scenario — in terms of waste and lost profit, in the second — in terms of payroll.

Eventually, marketing automation emerged. Special marketing platforms were supposed to make it easier, but in most cases they didn’t. Sometimes they even made it worse.

Most marketing platforms were so complicated that it took weeks and even months to get used to them. Companies still had to hire a manager or few to handle the process. And even if they did, it took time for the staff to learn how to deal with the platform and make use of it.

And this is where the AI appears. It is ready to replace your marketing specialist in handling the marketing platform for you.

How does it work?

First step: you set your preferences — for example, industry and tone of voice.

Then artificial intelligence launches the workflow. You don’t have to do anything: the AI will send emails and capture leads, make A/B tests and choose the best marketing options for you.

The good thing is: unlike a human marketing specialist, AI is capable and efficient from the very beginning. You won’t spend a single minute teaching it to do marketing stuff. And as the time goes by, AI uses machine learning to be better and more suitable for your business. It learns from its mistakes to become even more efficient.

Or course, you can always interfere and give AI a piece of human advice. Artificial intelligence will thoroughly gather analytics for you — you just have to monitor the results and keep your finger on the pulse.

Why AI?

Overall, this is not the cheapest solution. It will cost you more or less the same as a marketing platform.

But, on the other hand, you will start getting benefits the minute you launch the service.

Artificial intelligence — the best value for money among the available marketing options. You don’t have to teach it, you don’t have to replace it when it decides to quit, you don’t have to punish it for mistakes. AI is capable from the very beginning, learns from mistakes and creates added value for your business.

It is efficient and suited for you — once and for all.

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