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06 August 2017

New eCommerce business requires a huge amount of time, effort, skills and financial resources. Especially if this is your first one. Of course, you can’t be an expert in everything. But you’ve read a bunch of articles, seen a lot of similar businesses, which gave you a good idea on how to handle an online store.

Even if you have experience doing marketing, you’ve probably seen only a small piece of the puzzle. Marketing lately has been developing so fast that new trend can come out every day and even if you follow all of them, you still need to figure out how good it is and is it best for your business.

So you’ve started your own ecommerce business. You suppose that you will launch some ads on Facebook, set up a few emails and start receiving cash. But there is a whole bunch of other things you have to deal with: logistics, online payments, storage, HR, taxes, strategy…You no longer have the time to do all the marketing stuff by yourself, even if you know how to do it.

And there is an entire class of business owners, who don’t even dig that deep into marketing — they think of it as the easy part. Of course they do! They’ve read an article called “1 step to tenfold your sales” and think that they know everything. They tend to underestimate the impact of marketing and the effort behind it. But when such people start their own thing, then it hits them: social ads and emails don’t actually work by themselves! You have to create and set them, and after that — closely monitor conversion rates, constantly improve and update content.

So, what should I do?

First of all, stop trying to do it all by yourself. Business doesn’t work that way. You need to start thinking about delegating things. And marketing tasks should be the first in the queue. Why is that?

Marketing is one of the easiest processes to automate. There is a variety of solutions for that available on the market. Some are cheaper, some are more expensive — depends on the number of features. You can choose the basic options — get an automated email marketing platform, a service for contextual advertising, etc.

But still, you will have to manage it. You could either do it by yourself or hire someone. But when you are new on the market, it is hard to hire a true professional. So you will be left with a freelance marketing manager or some newbie. You will have to teach and control them — this means more time, time that you don’t have.

Imagine if you had a simple solution: you press one button and all the marketing workflow begins. You set the preferences only once, at the very beginning — and then you just monitor conversion and retention rates, look how many customers return and make repeat purchases. No need to worry about how it actually works — it just works.


Well, the future is here

Marketing automation for eCommerce

In fact, there is such a solution. It is artificial intelligence (AI) that serves as your marketing manager.

This is how marketing usually works in big companies and agencies: marketing specialists gather and analyze tons of information, then they make a slight change that brings conversion rate up by 0.1 p.p. One person (for example, an owner of a small eCommerce business) does not have resources to do that — even with the help of marketing automation services.

This is where artificial intelligence comes in. It has an almost unlimited ability to analyze data and bring you to the best marketing solutions. Big eCommerce companies already use big data and machine learning to create custom automatic scenarios. Small and medium businesses could really use that too, but they couldn’t afford to do the same.

So now they can. Powered by Artificial intelligence, Convead learns from customers of thousands of shops, and it also learns from your particular customers. It provides analytics that helps you set up automatic marketing campaigns which are best suited for your business, for your specific target groups.

And what about you? You don’t have to worry about marketing routine anymore, so you can focus on greater things — like spending time with your family or expanding your business.

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