Don’t drift in metrics, get direction with Convead’s eCommerce analytics
29 August 2017

Web analytics, and Google Analytics in particular, is known to be a challenging thing to figure out. You have to know which metrics you need to measure and which – to set aside, how to fine-tune the website monitoring properly, what to do with the numerous reports... And most importantly – how to actually use the collected data to make your customers happy and your business grow.

Well, if you run your own eCommerce business, you will need to work on developing a mathematical mindset one way or another. You can definitely master any analytics, sooner or later. Or you can hire an experienced digital analyst.

But should it be that hard and take so long? No way.

Find out the simple way to harness web analytics for eCommerce and truly understand your customers’ needs and behavior. And then measure the success of your business and achieve even greater results.

Customers move in mysterious ways…, or do they?

Here is the service, it’s called Convead and made for eCommerce businesses by eCommerce entrepreneurs who once got tired of lack of clarity in their stores. And of waiting for programmers with their everlasting settings, while prospects and customers slip away and spend money elsewhere.


Convead changed everything.

Unlike Google Analytics, Convead is much easier to integrate with an online store.

A single code installed on the website tracks everything in real time: each visitor’s movements across your pages, all their coffee breaks to consider the choice, the products viewed, the orders made or abandoned, and even messages sent and opened (or not opened, for that matter).

All the busy life of an online store is monitored 24/7.

Simple magic of visualization

Besides casual onlookers unique visitors and repeat customers, traffic and conversions, Convead also tracks your money.

It analyzes all the Big Data in the background and automatically re-creates your sales funnel right before your eyes. No piles of lengthy reports, just the clear results on the screen.

 Convead builds a dynamic sales funnel using all traffic an online store accumulates and shows you how visitors move through its stages (and where they fall off, along with the money).

  • 1 stage — All visits. Every visitor goes there. If they fell off here, Convead counts them as a "no shopping activity" and shows you how much money the business has lost at this stage according to the average order value.

  • 2 stage — Viewed products. Every visitor who has viewed one of your products goes here. Falling off at this stage means they are not interested in the products, for some reason.

  • 3 stage — Carts. Visitors who put something in their carts are counted here. Falling off at this stage means that they have abandoned their carts and took their money with them (you will see how much in total). It’s a clear signal to try to bring them back!

  • 4 stage — Purchases! Well, it is simple – here you will see the purchases made and your current revenue.

All of the key data is right here at your fingertips: the total revenue, abandoned carts, conversion rates, the average order value, unique visitors, the average visit duration and much more.

By default, the sales funnel includes all of the traffic channels you have in your online store, but you can easily customize it and analyze each channel separately.

What is it with cats and washing machines?

It is rather entertaining to watch visitors come and go, the money earned and lost... Remember those cats entranced with washing machines? 

Well, we are not like cats.

Once the analytics is gathered, it’s time to use it to grow the business, return customers, create upselling opportunities, and boost repeat purchases!

The greatest value here is that Convead's analytics reveals your funnel bottlenecks, the exact stages where you are losing most of your prospects and customers to competitors. Imagine, how much more you would have earned if you had these data before.

Focus, speed, result 

In fact, Convead is much more than an analytical tool, but rather a full-featured marketing solution designed to detect the problem, choose the best strategy and drive results.  It provides the knowledge and then gives you the tools – such as email automation, flexible visitor segmentation, web forms, pop-up notifications, and more.

Powered by machine learning, Convead is smart and can give you personalized recommendations based on your funnel analytics.

For example, if you are losing too much from cart abandonment – Convead will offer you to launch an automated recovery of abandoned carts with the help of triggered emails.

A customer just made a purchase? Fascinating! It’s not the end though, but a beginning of a long and productive relationship. It's time to launch the "Upsell campaign" to encourage them to

purchase some more, to offer a discount, or ask for a review.

Everything that is measured usually improves. But with the right instruments at hand, it improves faster. 

Just try it and see for yourself. Ah yes, Convead’s analytics is free for everyone to explore!

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