Data API
Make working with large amounts of data easy with Convead’s platform independent application programming interface (JSON API).

Save Time

Forget about manual data entry and organize essential information in a few hours. Information that was previously inputted by employees once a week, and often with errors, is now automatically added with the lightning-fast speed and accuracy that you need.

Import Data from Any Source

Enrich your database with information from a variety of sources, including your website, call center, CRM, advertising office or warehouse. With Convead, there are no restrictions on the number of fields or type of data. Allow us to safeguard all your business essentials, from your beloved dog’s birthdate to the size of your client’s feet.

Fast and Convenient Data Export

Get all the information you need from Convead, in real time. Easily share everything you know about your favorite customers more often and more efficiently. Use data about customer behavior and status in the workflow process for scoring applications.

Optimize data processing and protect customer information by automating data transfer.