A/B Testing and Optimization
Use data to optimize processes.

Sound Decisions

Test an unlimited number of hypotheses and examine each assumption. Replace guesses with proven facts and vague speculation with the immaculate clarity of figures and statistics.

The Devil in the Details

Don’t waste time guessing which font or button color works better. Conduct quick and simple experiments. Increase conversions by improving each and every detail. With Convead, section-by-section revenue breakdowns and response rates are just a click away.

Budget Optimization

Use a wide range of analytical tools and built-in capabilities to test cost optimizing hypotheses. Get the most out of your investments and make your business even more profitable by ditching inefficient channels and tools.

Continuous Improvement

Make executive decisions based on reliable data. Use different indicators and permutations thereof to strategize and create and short- and long-term plans. Identify weaknesses and growth points, implement changes and improve every nuance of customer interaction.

Make your business more efficient with Convead’s A/B testing, experimentation and optimization!