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This is your custom message, offering you a glimpse into the possibilities offered by personalization and marketing automation.

How Convead works

Convead is working with you right now, as you read this sentence. We already know a lot about you, we understand your behavioral patterns and can predict what you’ll do next. Here’s how we do it.



We collect and analyze behavioral data, both from your website as well as from various other sources.


We group each user’s data into an integrated profile according to channels, behavior and purchase history.


We create dynamic segments based on behavioral patterns.


We create personalized campaigns using web-forms, triggered and one-time bulk emails, push notifications and live chat.


We analyze the results in real time and upload the data into valuable reports.
Convead allows you to influence users’ behavior, directing them towards the desired outcome. Sign up to try it out!


Comprehensive personalization and marketing automation solutions.
Let us get your platform up and running in just five minutes. With Convead, gone are the days of having to subscribe to multiple services and struggling with the intricacies of different platforms. Let us take the burden of marketing tasks off your staff’s and colleagues’ shoulders. (Believe us, they’ll thank you for it!)
Easy integration
Get consolidated data on visitors’ behavior, preferences and purchases. Opt to supplement these data with information from offline and online sources and eliminate duplicates. Choose from 270 ready-made characteristics and set your own unique parameters to make targeting and segmentation more accurate.
Detailed client profile
Personalize the user experience across all your communication channels. Conduct experiments to boost sales on a given platform.
Integrated personalization

How much does Convead cost?

To view an estimate, drag the slider to the number that corresponds to the overall level of traffic on your website.

Who uses Convead?

Pet Stores
convead convead
Segmentation by type of pet (e.g. cats, dogs), behavioral patterns (e.g. purchase frequency) and interests (e.g. pet food brand). Personalized recommendations (e.g. weight, appearance, breed).
Health and Beauty
convead convead
Collect additional data and build enhanced client profiles (e.g. skin and hair type, hair color, favorite procedures). Create interactive surveys, contests and tests. Aggregate user content (e.g. testimonials, reviews, cases).
Electronics and Technology
convead convead
Lead nurturing widgets, push notifications and messages (for expensive purchases). Personal recommendations according to behavioral patterns (e.g. regular upgrade, accessories purchase) and purchase history (e.g. brands and product comparisons).
Clothing and Shoes
convead convead
Segment customers by gender, age, brand preferences and size purchase history. Seasonal campaigns (e.g. spring, summer). Holiday mailings. Evaluate behavioral patterns such as timing and sensitivity to discounts and new releases.
convead convead
Record client purchase histories, upsell (e.g. prompt customers with relevant recipes). Send customers reminders for everyday purchases. Receive transparent analytics. Learn about promotional opportunities with bloggers, the media and recipe aggregators (all while receiving transparent analytics).
Home Goods
convead convead
Get the full picture of a client’s stylistic preferences. Share personalized recommendations (e.g. collections, items, tips). Create a catalog or virtual showroom. Receive additional information about purchase history (e.g. repair history, interior renovation, birth of a child).
Children’s Products
convead convead
Segmentation by marital status and number, sex and age of children. Seasonal collections (back-to-school, New Year, birthday). Loyalty programs. Adapt to the family with age-relevant recommendations as children grow up.
convead convead
Personalize recommendations by genre, author and review. Segment by reading habits. Use the freemium model and allow customers to read book excerpts for free. Offer discounts on related books (e.g. other books in the same series), bonuses for reviews and free e-books.
Car Parts
convead convead
Use purchase history to anticipate client needs (e.g. time for an oil change, reminder to buy spark plugs). Extended segmentation by vehicle type and make, brand, and environment (urban/suburban/rural). Actively involve users in content creation (e.g. testimonials, reviews, comparisons).

Ready-made solutions for your CMS

Convead works with any website.
Drop us a line and we’ll help you get started.