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Onboard Your Visitors to Get More Sales

We help marketers automate communication with visitors
through behavioral segmentation and content personalization
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How Convead Works

Data Tracking
Convead accumulates information about each visitor through omnichannel attribution, stores and enriches this data during every new session. Create 360-degree visitors’ profiles with acquired information about their behavior and interests.
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Data Analysis
Each visitor’s profile contains more than 270 properties for segmentation. Convead’s machine learning algorithms analyze gathered data and determine behavior patterns on a continuous basis. Such data provides opportunity for even further segmentation.
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Each visitor has his own goals and problems. How to make everybody achieve what they came for? Combine any of available properties and create as many segments as you wish. Communicate individually with each group and make a relevant offer even for the most specific ones.
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How to raise visitors’ interest, push them to purchase and prevent their bounce? Based on accumulated information, Convead provides personalized content in real time, helps with navigation and gives them personal product recommendations. As a result each visitor sees only relevant content and therefore converts to a happy customer faster.
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Convead assembled the most innovative tools to facilitate communication process with website visitors. Automate working processes through triggered and marketing email campaigns, in-app messages and push-notifications. Carry out sophisticated experiments and perform a/b tests for sales growth.
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Get Insights
Convead AI-powered tools make it easy to get marketing insights for revenue scaling. Use the information to maintain exponential growth of the most perspective clients’ groups.
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