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Grow sales for your ecommerce business

Comprehensive system that helps you collect emails of visitors, recover abandoned carts, increase conversions, and drive repeat purchases.

Convead knows where online stores lose customers and how to bring them back

Convead is a marketing platform that analyzes customer behavior, reveals sales bottlenecks, and provides tools and recommendations to increase revenue.

Features of Convead

Convead shows your sales funnel, reveals its bottlenecks (points of growth) and recommends proper marketing actions.
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Free analytics and recommendations to increase revenue

With Convead, you can segment your audience and deliver highly relevant offers to grow your sales.
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Real-time customer segmentation

Convead offers preset marketing campaigns designed to increase conversions, recover abandoned carts, encourage repeat purchases and upselling (LTV). It also provides flexible tools to support your own marketing strategy.
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Activate customers, keep them engaged and coming back

Launch automatic email campaigns for any events, using various templates such as "Viewed goods", "Abandoned cart", and "Order". Send mass emails to any group of recipients.
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Triggered and mass email campaigns

Show each visitor a unique offer, collect emails, encourage them to purchase, and inform about promotions.
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Pop-ups and personalization

Use blocks with personalized recommendations on your product pages, in pop-ups and emails to increase the order conversion rate and the average check.
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Product recommendations

Receive messages from your customers via all channels and answer them directly from Convead. Integrate Facebook, Telegram, Viber, and mail and you won't miss a single request.
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Omnichannel customer support

How Convead works

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See any problem? Launch a preset marketing campaign or create your own
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