Segment Your Visitors
Collect Personal Data
Influence purchasing decisions
Keep customers from getting lost
Retain visitors
Measure your online business

Аnalytics and Actions Combined

Convead makes it easy to retain and return customers for eCommerce

More than 1,700 ecommerce websites are already using Convead
Sales Funnel and Analytics. Free
the easiest way to estimate your business: traffic sources, sales leads, abandonment, shopping carts and orders
Smart Web Forms
templates for collecting contacts, showing promos or asking for a callback by selected segment
Visitor Behavior Analysis. Free
the history of each visitor makes it easy to better understand your customers
Transactional and Marketing Email Campaigns
an email marketing platform with templates for the automatic return of abandoned carts, up-sale etc.
Customer Segmentation. Free
group your visitor by properties or events including: city, gender and number or amount of orders
Live Chat
an easy way to communicate with your customers, online and offline messages, detailed history of each contact and their interests and behaviour
tracked events
collected contacts
recovered abandoned carts
Convead is a powerful tool which combines in-depth data with real-time action, allowing you to understand your customers' on-site behavior and engage with them directly.
Your Visitors
You have attracted a stream of visitors to your site from keyword searches or ads. But do you really need to spend your precious time on all of them? Wouldn’t it be better to work only with those visitors who really need your help? Create and group segments in real time on the basis of having actionable data about your visitors.
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Personal Data
If you still call you visitors ‘guests’, it’s time to ask them about themselves. Create web forms to gather the maximum amount of information about the people on your site, including their names, emails, and other important data for your business. This information will allow you to improve your communication and turn your guests into clients.
Purchasing Decisions
On the basis of your visitors’ behavior, Covead will help you decide when you need to redirect your visitors, when you need to offer them a discount, and when you just need to tell them about further opportunities. There is now no need to give everyone a discount – put your previous clients into segments, analyze their behavior patterns, and offer special deals only to the right visitors at the right time.
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Keep Customers
From Getting Lost
Fewer visitors will leave your site unsatisfied and you will be able to asses your relationship with your clients as if they were talking to you in your office. With the help of personalized web forms, you can increase your site’s conversion rate and your profit margin.
Retain Visitors
Attracting new visitors is always expensive. Get your one-time buyers to return to your site using an email newsletter. Create and send personal letters and watch how the recipients make repeat purchases again and again.
Get return customers
using Follow-up Messages